Subiaco Crossover in Red Asphalt

Council Rebates $$$ for NEW Vehicle Crossovers


What is a Crossover?

A crossover or private crossing is located between the road edge and the property line. Crossovers are primarily constructed to allow access to your property but it also helps to reduce erosion of the verge area and provides pedestrians with a safer area to walk. A properly constructed crossover will also enhance the streetscape and property value.  Each Local Government Authority has its own specifications on types of crossovers, location and design.  It’s really important to check with your local authority to get your crossover right.

Local Authority’s Conditions

It’s a condition that Crossovers must be constructed by a registered contractor and must be built in accordance with local authority’s specifications and satisfaction. Any unauthorised or substandard work may need to be removed at the owner’s expense.

Types of Crossovers

The following material can be used to construct crossovers:

  • Concrete
  • Brick/Block – paving
  • Asphalt

Council Contribution

Most Local Government Authorities contribute towards a new crossover with the average amount of $400 towards the construction of the first crossover to the property. You will need to check with your local shire to see what contribution you are entitled to.

Where to from here…..

We have compiled a list of all the local government authorities within the metro area for you to link to for specifications and application forms.

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Links to your local government authority and their information on crossovers

Armadale Cottesloe Melville Stirling
Bassendean East Fremantle Mosman Park Subiaco
Bayswater Fremantle Mundaring Swan
Belmont Gosnells Nedlands Victoria Park
Cambridge Joondalup Peppermint Vincent
Canning Kalamunda Perth Wanneroo
Claremont Kwinana Rockingham
Cockburn South Perth